Street, Slamming Nutter, Had Popularity Problems Too

Former Mayor Street has been kicking up a lot of dust lately, questioning Mayor Nutter’s job performance and encouraging Sam Katz and Tom Knox – who have both run for mayor in the past -- to take on Nutter next year.

In today’s PhillyClout column, Street loudly drops the race card, saying the African-American community does not see Nutter as a black mayor.

Street does seem to be gleefully piling onto Nutter ­– who has faced criticism for unpopular budget cuts and strained relationships with City Council and municipal unions. But we thought it might be good to go back and look at how popular Street was when he ran City Hall. And so we turned to the last Franklin and Marshall/Daily News poll done before Street left office, back in October 2007.

It wasn’t pretty. At the time, Street had a 58 percent unfavorable rating, compared with a 26 percent favorable rating. And 60 percent of those polled said the city had gotten worse in the last four years, which was Street’s second term as mayor, and 73 percent felt the city was heading in the wrong direction.

So it seems Street knows exactly what he’s talking about when he discusses unpopular mayors.