Still Love for Hillary Clinton in the NE

Yep, Northeast Philadelphia is still Clinton country.

Former presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton -- who won big in Northeast Philly during the Primary Election -- appeared this morning at the Jewish Community Center-Klein Branch to pump up voters for Sen. Barack Obama and for U.S. Rep Allyson Schwartz. After she was greeted with a wild standing ovation, Clinton said Obama would best lift up the economy and support the middle-class.

"It took a Democratic president to clean up after the last Bush and it's going to take a Democratic president to clean up after this Bush," Clinton said.

Over 500 people packed into the auditorium at the center, mostly senior citizens. Many said they had supported Clinton in the primary, but had since transferred allegiance to Obama.

"I wasn't going to vote. My thoughts were that I don't know this man. I was disappointed that we didn't get Hillary," said Sara Ronson, 82, who lives in the Northeast.

But Ronson said she came around. "[Vice President candidate Joe] Biden makes a big difference. He has the experience," she said. "I think a lot of people are going for Obama. He's working for the little guy."