Stephen Colbert Calls Gov. Rendell A Bold Wuss

Gov. Rendell took his national complaint about the "Wussification of America" onto Comedy Central's The Colbert Report last night and received mixed reviews from host Stephen Colbert.  Rendell repeated his concern that the two-day postponement of the Dec. 26 Philadelphia Eagles game versus the Minnesota Vikings due to an approaching snow storm was proof that China has replaced America in pioneering spirit.  That led to this exchange:

  • Rendell: “China is kicking our butt, virtually in every field of endeavor. Why?”
  • Colbert: “I agree. We should stand up to China and match them toe-for-toe. I say get rid of our child labor laws. Get our kids back out there. Have our prisoners make our toys. I’m with you on this one.”
  • Rendell: “Look, all that’s well and good but…”
  • Colbert:: “What?!? I’m so glad you agree with me. You’re tough people.”

Colbert praised Rendell as "bold" but then turned the tables when Rendell said he could not run for a third term as governor due to term limits.

  • Colbert: “Aren’t you wussing out by not running again, even though its against the law.”
  • Rendell: “You could interpret it that way.”
  • Colbert: “I just did sir.”