Some Row Office Officials Skip Budget Hearings

Today is budget testimony day for many of the city’s independent row offices up in City Council. But so far some of those independently elected officials haven’t bothered to show up.

Sheriff John Green and Marge Tartaglione, chairwoman of the City Commissioners, both sent deputies to provide testimony. Green’s deputy was even reprimanded by Council President Anna Verna for being late.

Register of Wills Ron Donatucci did appear before Council this morning.

Some of the city’s row offices have come under fire from reformers, who say the city could save money and streamline operations by consolidating their functions into the government. The four offices singled out are the Register of Wills, Clerk of Quarter Sessions, the Sheriff and the City Commissioners.

Last month, the former Clerk of Quarter Sessions resigned and the functions of her office are being absorbed by the prothonotary. But the office has not yet formally been abolished.

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