Some leftovers from the deli

The majority of the pols filed out of Famous 4th Street Deli about an hour ago.

Here are some extra tidbits for you, dear PhillyClout reader:

*Patrick Murphy, the congressman-turned-candidate for state attorney general, stopped by to shake hands and dole out hugs.

*Shariff Street responded with a "maybe" when asked if he'll be running for something in 2015.

*Former Mayor William Green, on the possibility that his son, Councilman at Large Bill Green, will run for mayor in four years: "I think he's serious." Running for mayor, Green said, "is always difficult. It's been that way for as long as I can remember." 

*Joe McColgan, the Republican running for City Council at Large, lamented the low voter turnout. "We were planning on 13 to 15 percent, and that's what it looks like so far," he said.

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