Slow and steady in the Northeast

The much-hyped battle for Northeast Philly's 10th Councilmanic District seems to be plodding along.

Ellen Kaplan, the Commitee of Seventy's vice president, just posted the following update on turnout in the Northeast Region, which includes the 10th:  66/32—677 registered voters/77 voted (11.4%); 53/21—691 registered voters/97 voted (14%). 

"It's been pretty much the same all day. Pretty steady, but a low turnout," said Republican City Councilman Brian O'Neill, who is trying to win his ninth term.

"It'll probably be a high turnout compared to the rest of the city, but lower than what it was four years ago."

O'Neill said he thought the low turnout would favor his re-election bid in a district he's led for the last 32 years.

O'Neill's Democratic challenger, Bill Rubin, said some of the polling spots he visited were busy. Others, not so much.

"People I'm talking to are telling me it's time for a change, and they're ready to go," he said. "If that's how they voted, it's going to be a real good day."