Singer Campaign Confirms They Got Tartaglione's DROP Payment Wrong

It only took five days, but this evening Stephanie Singer's campaign admitted that they had been using an inaccurate figure for City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione's DROP payment.

We pointed this out to Singer's campaign manager on Sunday. They had been reporting in campaign materials that Tartaglione took $308,625 from the controversial Deferred Retirement Option Plan. But we checked with the Pension Board and the right number was $288,136. (For details on how the mixup started, click here.)

For days the campaign refused to change their tune, but finally tonight they admitted their mistake. But Singer -- who is, by the way, a math professor -- still made a mathmatical error in her mea culpa. In her release, she said the campaign was off by $18,489, when the right number was $20,489. But to be fair, they sent out a corrected release minutes later.

Here's Singer's corrected statement: 

Singer: “We believed we were using the correct amount Marge took in DROP money. It is clear now that we, along with at least eleven media reports, were off by $20,489. But that doesn't change the fact that Marge Tartaglione took hundreds-of-thousands in DROP money by exploiting a loophole in the law and retiring for just one day. I’ll admit when I am wrong - and more importantly, correct the error. Unfortunately, that’s a standard Marge Tartaglione refuses to meet.”