Sestak Makes it Official

U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak this morning officially announced his intent to run for Senate in the 2010 Democratic primary against Sen. Arlen Specter. Sestak has five campaign stops scheduled today and will appear tonight on the "Colbert Report."

For the AP story on the announcment, click here. Sestak just sent out the following email blast to supporters:

This morning I officially launched my campaign for U.S. Senate.

This campaign is not about me … it's about all of us, and we are going to need your help to win.

In Pennsylvania, like all around the country, we find ourselves in challenging times.

But this nation has always thrived on the knowledge that with adversity comes opportunity. We have an opportunity - if we act now, with vision and resolve - to root out endemic problems in our financial system, to provide health care and educational opportunities for all, and to recommit ourselves to our core principles of honesty, accountability, and hard work … and to put principle above politics.

We must restore the promise of the American Dream - that our children will have the opportunity, based upon their talents, to do even better than their parents.

For too long, people in powerful positions have failed to remember that the American Dream has never been about getting ahead. It is about having an opportunity to do well and to create a better world for the next generation so they will be inspired to do the same.

It is that great pact between generations - that we will pass down a better world than the one we inherited - that has been lost for the first time in our history. That is why I am running for the U.S. Senate.

Why has that pact been lost? Because the people you sent to Washington to represent you - to look out for you - failed to do so, and must be held accountable. That's why my District voted for change in 2006, our nation voted for change last year, and Pennsylvania will vote for change next year to remain committed to a new direction.

The challenge we face today is itself an opportunity to remember that America's strength has never come from force of arms, industrial might, or even innovation. These are simply the fruits of the conviction that everyone deserves a fair shot, that everyone can and should contribute to their full potential, and that honest hard work will be respected and rewarded.

If you believe in that message, I ask you to please show your support at this time by making a contribution. We need every dollar to help restore the American Dream!