Sestak Donates $12G In Rangel Cash To Charity

U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak announced this afternoon that he will donate $12,000 in campaign donations from U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel to charity now that the Democrat from New York City has been charged with 13 counts of rules violations by a House ethics panel.  Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey and the National Republican Senatorial Committee have been hammering away at Sestak about the Rangel "dirty money" in recent days.

"He always said he would take action when appropriate and given the reports today, he decided it was the right thing to do," Sestak spokesman Jonathan Dworkin said.  The $12,000 will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for pediatric cancer.

Sestak's campaign has also noted that he took the Rangel money before his colleague was accused of wrong-doing.  Toomey, who left the U.S. House in 2004 in his first bid for the U.S. Senate, took more than $22,000 from then-U.S. Rep. Tom Delay of Texas, who went on to be the GOP Majority Leader and then resigned and was indicted for money laundering.

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