Savage and Sanchez Backed By Chamber of Commerce

Council Candidate Danny Savage – running to recapture the 7th District from Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez – yesterday put out a press release that he had been “recommended” by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

The announcement piqued our interest, because we didn’t recall the Chamber getting into political races. And Savage’s press release made it sound like he was picked over Sanchez, with the following statement: “Savage has spoken out against his opponent’s proposed tax bill, which would give tax breaks to downtown businesses while increasing the burdens on neighborhood shops. The recommendation of the business community’s premier coalition is a significant endorsement of Savage’s message and candidacy.”

But it turns out this was not an endorsement at all. The Chamber tells us that they do not endorse candidates and they “recommended” both Savage and Sanchez as candidates who are friendly to business development.

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