'Roundhouse to the joy spot' about promoting Philly

On Friday evening, an uncharacteristically colloquial tweet from Mayor Nutter's press secretary, Mark McDonald, left a few City Hall observers scratching their heads. 

"Philly is a roundhouse to the joy spot, yo. Start braggin' to the masses. @Michael_Nutter," McDonald tweeted.


Determined to the decode the administration's new messaging, PhillyClout sought clarification.

What did it mean? And where is the joy spot?

"This city is a knockout, man. This is a great city. And every day we need to be thinking about ways to promote it," McDonald said Monday. "My joy spot is in my brain, in my head."

McDonald was out to dinner in Center City with his wife when he got the inspiration to spread the love about the City of Brotherly Love. 

"Historically, Philadelphians have this habit of running themselves down," he said. "There's just so much good stuff going on. Although there are challenges and we know all about that, and Mayor Nutter is working on that." 

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