Romney & Perry neck-in-neck in new Quinnipiac Poll of PA

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is still relatively new to the race for the Republican presidential nomination and newer still to Pennsylvania, where he held his first fund-raiser in Philadelphia yesterday.  And so his camp is in a mad scramble to raise funds and meet with officials here who can provide valuable endorsements.  Today's Quinnipiac University Poll holds some good news for Perry, who has taken many shots in the last couple of weeks for his debate performance and record in Texas.

The poll shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who still has a campaign infrastructure set up in this state from 2008, leading the GOP pack at 18 percent with Perry right on his heels at 16 percent.  Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum came in third at 12 percent, probably due to his high name recognition in Pennsylvania.  Santorum tends to bring in lower numbers in national polls.

While President Obama's approval rating has been sinking in Pennsylvania, the poll still found he would beat Romney 45-43 percent, beat Perry 46-40 percent and beat Santorum 45-42 percent.