Rizzo drops Republican party

Councilman Frank Rizzo Jr. has left the Republican Party after he was suddenly booted out of leadership by his GOP colleagues nearly two weeks ago –a move he said was retaliation for voting in favor of a redistricting map that Republican Councilman Brian O’Neill didn’t like.

“In Council, I’ve always been independent but being independent got me into this,” said Rizzo, who is now registered as unaffiliated. “I voted for a district that makes sense.”

O'Neill did not immediately return calls for comment.

Rizzo, who recently loss in the Republican primary -is in his last months as Councilman. He served four terms and was the Minority Whip, but now the mostly ceremonial position has been granted to Councilman Jack Kelly.

“I’ve had a good run,” said Rizzo, adding “I did not pick this fight.”