Rendell to Endorse Mayor Nutter Tomorrow

Mayor Nutter is set to roll out another big endorsement tomorrow. Sources tell PhillyClout that former Gov. Rendell will endorse the mayor at a morning press conference.

Rendell, who spoke on behalf of Nutter at a fundraiser several weeks ago, will be the biggest name on the growing list of endorsements that Nutter has been raking up in recent months.

There’s a lot of history between Nutter and Rendell – and they've had their ups and downs. Back in 1986, a 25-year-old Nutter drove Rendell around as he ran for governor. And while Rendell was mayor and Nutter was on City Council, they were often allies on issues. But they’ve also clashed at times, like over Nutter’s alliance with Republicans at the Convention Center, a move which enraged Rendell.

Rendell did not back a candidate in the 2007 mayoral primary, but supported Nutter in the general election.