Rendell Talks Stimulus With NY Times

Gov. Rendell is prominently featured in a New York Times story today about the impact the economic stimulus package has had on states. While he praises the stimulus, Rendell is critical of how President Obama's administration has sold it to the public. Check out this excerpt:

Mr. Rendell said the 2009 stimulus law had been highly effective. “We could fill every baseball stadium in the country with people who got jobs or whose job was saved by the stimulus,” he said.

But Mr. Rendell said Mr. Obama had not adequately explained the value of the program. “Ironically,” he said, “the best communicator in the history of political campaigning turned out in his first year in office to not communicate very well.”

“The stimulus has done a great job for America,” Mr. Rendell said, “but we lost the spin war. And once you lose it, it’s hard to get it back.”

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