Rendell: 'Disaster' For Philly if State Lawmakers Can't Compromise on HB1828

Gov. Ed Rendell is pushing lawmakers to pass budget relief legislation for Philadelphia. (Associated Press/File Photo)

Gov. Rendell just weighed in on the city's budget woes, saying he hopes the state House and Senate can compromise on the pension reforms added to House Bill 1828, legislation originally designed to provide budget relief for Philadelphia. Rendell said he was aware that the House was working on changes to the legislation and said he hopes the Senate is kept in the loop.

"Whatever the House adopts, if the Senate doesn't agree to it in advance, that's going to be a disaster for the city of Philadelphia," Rendell said.

Rendell said talk of massive layoffs and signs going up in public buildings in Philadelphia about potential closures show that the city's fallback budget is in real danger of being implemented.

"I don't think the mayor is kidding," Rendell said. "In fact, I know he's not kidding. He has no alternative."