Rendell: Republican conventions are more fun

Our ex-guv Ed Rendell let lose with former Philly Mag writer Lisa DePaulo yesterday. She found him doing a book signing for "A Nation of Wusses" outside of Charlotte, NC where the Democratic National Convention is underway.

Among our favorite quotes from the conversation, which was featured on The New Republic's blog The Plank:

  • "Ok, I love Cory Booker, but he was a wuss because they made him retract his statement [about attacks on Bain being ‘nauseating’ and ‘crap’]"
  • On the Republican Conventions being more fun: “Oh, no question.” Why? “Well, they spend more money.”
  • "I love ‘Morning Joe.’ I like Chris [Matthews] a lot and I like Rachel [Maddow] a lot. They’re my favorites. Who I really like, and I don’t know, you guys probably don’t have time to watch her, Alex Wagner who does the noon show. It’s called ‘Now.’ She’s smart, she’s cute, she’s funny. You gotta watch it just once, cause I think she’ll be a coming star.”
  • On Hillary Clinton running for President: “I think she’s tired now and she honestly means it when she says no. But I think if she takes a couple years off, she’ll be back.”

For lots more, head over to TNR.