Reactions to Obama Speech

Here are a couple comments from some of the folks watching Obama's speech today. The crowd of 200 plus was a mix of elected officials, clergy and supporters.

Horace Morris, 79, Willingboro, NJ:

“I thought it was a great speech. He had to engage the issues raised by Rev. Wright. I think he said it’s everybody’s problem and we have to work to resolve it.”

Jay Leberman, of Lower Merion. He’s the head of the Perelman Jewish Day School in Wynnewood and is not publicly supporting a candidate.

“From what I know of Sen. Obama, having read his two books, it reaffirmed what I know of the man. I feel that had he come out and unequivocally disassociated himself from Wright, it would have shown a falsehood.”

Councilman Bill Green, who has endorsed Obama:

“I think it elevates the debate to a level appropriate for the campaign…It clearly was emotional for everyone in the crowd. He described the state of race relations in electoral politics in the way we all know exists.”

State Sen. Vincent Hughes, a stalwart Obama supporter:

“I think Sen. Obama attacked the issue head on, in the way it has to be dealt with. I think it reshapes the conversation.”