Politicians Betting On Phillies Playoffs Series

Three things are certain when professional sports teams reach the playoffs:  One team will win, one team will lose, and politicians will try to pile on with the rah-rah home team stuff.  Which brings us to City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.  Feeling confident about the Phillies' chances against the Milwaukee Brewers -- the first-round playoff series starts Wednesday, go Phils! -- Jones has put his Tastykakes where his mouth is.  Er, wait, no.  He didn't eat them.  He bet them.

Jones made his bet with Robert Bauman, alderman of Milwaukee's fourth district.  [Just like Jones here in Philly. Get it?] If the Brewers win, Jones will send Bauman two Philly hoagies and a variety pack of Tastykakes.  When the Phillies win, Bauman will send Jones a pack of Usinger's sausages.  Mmm, victory.  Smells like sausages on the grill.

PhillyClout got a hold of a news release from Bauman's office about the bet.  There are three reasons why this guy should lose:  He calls hoagies "Philly style subs," he refers to Tastykakes as "baked snacks similar to Hostess products," and the Phillies are the better team.