Philly to rally for Trayvon Martin, Councilwoman weighs in

Philadelphians outraged by the Trayvon Martin case will rally in the city today and Monday.

For more on Martin’s story check out Jenice Armstrong’s column.

Meanwhile, City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown has publicly weighed in on the matter.

Below is a statement she made in a press release:

“It is regrettable that too often African American boys are immediately put in the category of perpetrator or suspect.  This hurtful, sad and avoidable tragedy is a woeful reminder that all parents of African American boys have to have ‘that conversation,’ called ‘existing while black’ in America," she said. "This story should not only make us shake our heads, but remind us to revisit ‘the conversation’ with our sons and boys in our lives; and revisit it often."

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