Philadelphians Oppose Tax Hikes, New Pew Poll Says

We just got a copy of a new poll from Pew’s Philadelphia Research Initiative, which shows that a majority of Philadelphians don't want to pay more taxes to deal with the budget gap. But the poll of 800 city residents makes clear that few people had any bright ideas about other ways to close the $1.4 billion five-year gap.

Nutter’s budget contains temporary hikes to the sales and property taxes. Many City Council members have pushed back on the plan, saying they’d like to look at a temporary wage tax hike.

A few numbers from the survey:

*86 percent of respondents opposed a temporary increase in the property tax, 53 percent opposed a temporary hike to the sales tax, 68 percent opposed an increase to the wage tax.

*Many people don't believe Nutter's proposed tax hikes will be temporary. 69 percent said they thought the cuts would be become permanent, while 22 percent thought they would be temorary.

*48 percent of respondents supported paying the same in taxes and getting fewer services, 35 percent wanted the same services and higher taxes, while 17 percent didn't know.

*62 percent of respondents oppose even a 1 percent cut in the city workforce.

*Nutter's favorability ratings are at 59 percent favorable and 33 percent unfavorable. That's down from January when a Pew poll put him at 71 percent favorable and 23 percent unfavorable.

Check out the full poll results here.