Penn Posts Data From First Budget Workshop

The Penn Project for Civic Engagement has posted the reports from the first community budget workshop on their website.

You can go through and see how 12 different groups tried to plug a budget gap using a list of cuts and tax hikes that were assigned point values. The goal was to get to 100 points. For example: cutting 20 percent from the police budget was worth 26 points, but cutting 30 percent from recreation only got you 5.

What's clear from most of the reports is that the groups largely had great difficulty reaching the goal. Many disputed the premise and made alternate lists of how the city could close the gap. Most groups came in between about 30 and 70 points. Except for one -- group 8 got all the way to 99. How did they do it? Among other things, they raised the wage tax, the real estate tax, the sales tax, cut courts and prisons and added a trash fee. 

To try out the worksheet yourself, click here. Or you can head to the next workshop, tonight in Germantown at Mastery Charter School.