Parking Authority Says Meter Rate Increase Not Needed

The Philadelphia Parking Authority announced that it will not institute a proposed rate hike at Center City parking meters that was set to take effect today. (David Swanson / Staff File Photo)

So the economy is still faltering, the city and state can't get their budgets together, money is tight all over.  But here comes a bit of good news from...wait, what?...the Philadelphia Parking Authority?  Those ogres who televise their constant stalking of city streets, their search for cars to ticket and tow?

Read on:

Planned July 1st Center City Meter
Rate Increase Will Not Take Effect
Meter parking rates in some Center City districts will be reduced.

Philadelphia Parking Authority Executive Director Vince Fenerty today announced that a planned increase in parking meter rates scheduled to take effect today, July 1st, will not be implemented at this time.

According to Fenerty, “rates that were scheduled to increase to $3 dollars per hour in the core of Center City Philadelphia (4th to 20th, Arch to Locust Streets) will remain at $2 per hour.”

"The most recent parking surveys confirmed that the rate adjustments implemented in January have achieved the goal of creating more parking opportunities. As a result, we do not believe it is necessary to implement the second phase of the approved rate adjustment at this time."

"Similarly, the parking vacancies in the fringe area of Center City (Spring Garden to Bainbridge Streets, between the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, except those blocks in the core), are now higher than we anticipated. In order to achieve the proper balance we will lower the hourly rate in the areas of lowest demand to $1.50 per hour."

"Affordable, convenient parking is fundamental to the economic vitality of Center City. We will continue to monitor the available parking to be sure we are setting rates that encourage people to come to Center City while insuring sufficient available parking to make that trip convenient. Rate adjustments will be made as needed to maintain that balance,” Fenerty said.

The PPA will also begin installing new multi-space meter kiosks beginning today. In addition to accepting coins and smart cards, they will also accept dollar bills, credit cards.

Fenerty said, "each of these steps are being taken to make it easier to take advantage of the many attractions in Center City. Other steps that are part of an improved access and mobility plan will be announced in the next few weeks."