Parade Update: They're on the move

Forget Disney, Philly may actually be the happiest place on earth right now. Massive roars of joy are rippling across the city as the Phillies parade rolls through the streets. Red, white and blue confetti fills the air.

According to Chris Brennan, who is riding the media bus in the parade, there are eight floats, with the Phanatic, ball girls and broadcasters first, followed by the World Series trophy, then three floats for players and the Phillies staff. Pat Burrell is riding atop a Budweiser wagon hauled by eight Clydesdale horses.

The parade couldn't kick off right at noon, because the start point was so choked by fans. Cops frantically worked to clear the course. But they did eventually take off and started rolling past City Hall at about 12:30 p.m.

Over at City Hall, the frantic crowds stretch for blocks. While things mostly seem calm, there is plenty of beer drinking and pot smoking going on, so cops will have to keep an eye on the mood. It also looks like lots of fans plan to follow the parade down to the stadiums, so that will be a crazy scene too.