PA back on the presidential map with one week to go

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is going up with campaign commercials in Pennsylvania, calling the state a "unique opportunity," according to a memo just emailed to reporters.

The memo cites comments former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell made last week, when he said a "startling upset" for Romney in Pennsylvania is possible.  The memo does not mention that Rendell said such an upset would happen if Democratic voter "turnout collapses" in this state.

Rendell, in a statement released Tuesday by the Obama campaign, called the Romney advertising buy in Pennsylvania a sign of "desperation."

"This is part of the old Republican playbook," Rendell said. "They tried a last ditch attempt to expand the electoral base in 2008 when they were losing Ohio, Iowa, Florida and other traditional battleground states.

Two pro-Romney political action committees -- Restore our Future and Americans for Job Security -- also are going up with television ads in Pennsylvania, hitting President Obama on economic issues.  Obama's campaign on Monday said it too would air ads in Pennsylvania.

G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public affairs at Franklin & Marshall College, said Romney appears eager to "cherry-pick" Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes after expending every effort in swing states such as Ohio and Florida.

The Daily News will publish Madonna's latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll Wednesday morning. The poll will measure the presidential election in Pennsylvania and the race for the U.S. Senate between U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and Republican foe Tom Smith.