Oops! Nutter Aide Sends Council Draft Version of Budget Testimony

For an administration that prides itself on message control, this was a big oops. A staffer for Mayor Nutter today sent City Council a draft version of Chief of Staff Clay Armbrister's budget testimony, which he is scheduled to present on Wednesday. The draft includes various notes, edits and deletions made by Team Nutter in recent days.

Several of the edits are very interesting.

At one point Budget Director Stephen Agostini notes in the margins: "I don't think we should say that this was a tax increase - I think that will come back to haunt the mayor. I do think it's fair to say that the wage and business tax have already made a substantial contribution and to closing the gap and we're not going to increase them because of the damage that would do to the economy."

Agostini tells us that an early version of the document referred to last year's decision to delay wage and business tax reductions as a tax hike, which he rushed to correct.