Onorato Takes One More Shot At Corbett In Campaign Stop

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato was in Philadelphia this morning to talk about job creation and training, making just one veiled reference to the political gaffes made by state Attorney General Tom Corbett in recent weeks.  Onorato spoke to about 120 people at the Breslin Training Center, run by the District 1199c of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees union.

Onorato hit three notes that he has been preaching since before he won the Democratic nomination for governor on May 18 -- That Pennsylvania can lure and create more jobs if it has a fair tax structure that prevents some corporations from claiming they are based in other states such as Delaware; that state regulatory agencies must be business friendly and that training programs must match up with the needs of potential employers.

"Anybody who thinks that people don't want to work for decent pay, look at this room," Onorato said. "Don't tell me Pennsylvanians don't want to work. They want to work. That means we have to have jobs for them to work."

That was a reference to Corbett, the Republican nominee for governor, saying three times since July 9 that employers -- his campaign will not identify them -- have told him some laid-off workers would prefer to continue collecting unemployment checks than return to work.  Onorato spent all of last week barnstorming across the state, capitalizing on Corbett's comments.