Onorato, Corbett Are Gubernatorial Nominees

The battle for governor is now fixed. Democratic Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato will take on Republican state Attorney General Tom Corbett in the November general election.

Onorato won the four way Democratic race and Corbett easily beat his opponent. Check out the Associated Press report on the race here.

Corbett’s victory speech tonight was heavy on references to President Obama and Gov. Rendell. He said voters said are tired of too much government spending. “It’s enough of Washington, enough of Harrisburg, enough of tax and spending,” he said. “And yes, enough of Ed Rendell.”

Onorato last night called himself the “true outsider” in the race and mocked as a “political stunt” a pledge Corbett signed promising not to raise taxes. “I don’t need to take a pledge,” Onorato told the Pennsylvania Cable Network. “I’ve presented six county budgets on time and I’ve never, ever raised property taxes.”