Olivia Nutter's First Day of School

It took two SUVs, three police officers and one mayoral dad to drop Olivia Nutter off at school this morning.

Mayor Nutter and his security entourage (there could have been more, but we saw two cars and three cops) dropped off the 13-year-old first daughter at the Masterman School today where she began the 8th Grade. Upon arrival, Olivia ignored the TV cameras waiting outside the school's side entrance on 17th Street near Spring Garden and hurried inside with the rest of her backpack-lugging classmates.

"Goodbye, I love you," she said quickly to Mayor Nutter on the sidewalk, kissing him on the cheek. He called after her: "be good."

Nutter, who regularly drops Olivia off at school, joked that he had been warned to keep his distance. "She insisted that I not go into school with her. That was about 15 minutes of negotiation."