Nutter visits site of subway murder

Mayor Nutter took some time this afternoon to visit the site of yesterday's savage Center City subway murder.

Nutter descended the stairs to the Market-Frankford El at 13th and Market streets and walked to the spot on the platform where 36-year-old Sean Patrick Conroy died after an assault by four teens yesterday afternoon.

"This is just one of these completely random, senseless acts of violence," Nutter said somberly. "There's no explaining this kind of bad judgment."

Nutter said the youths involved who haven't been apprehended should turn themselves in because "they know we're going to catch them."

Nutter shook hands with people in the stop.

"I wanted to make sure I came through here letting people know our commitment," he said. But Nutter said that while the city is committed to public safety, they can't be everywhere. "We're always looking to increase safety efforts, but we cannot give everyone their own personal police officer," he said.

The Starbucks at 12th and Market streets where Conroy worked was closed yesterday.  A note on the door said the coffee shop was dark temporarily because an employee had "passed away as result of an incident."