Nutter set to vote for Obama

Mayor Nutter says he has no doubt who he'll be voting for at the roll call today.

"I’m voting for Sen. Obama, that’s what Sen. Clinton wants and that’s what we’re going to do. People need to move on," said Nutter, who endorsed Clinton in the primary election.

Nutter said an Associated Press story yesterday which quoted him saying "Just tell me what you want me to do," on the roll call issue, took his remarks out of context. Nutter said all he meant was that a lot of delegates were confused about the roll call process. But he stressed that he was always going to vote for Obama.

"Personally, I always expected that was where it was going to end up," Nutter said. "All of these internal mechanics and machinations, it’s certainly fascinating to about 50 people. "There has never been a doubt in my mind walking out of this convention Thursday night, Barack Obama is going to be the nominee."