Nutter on WHYY, Says He Wants More Citizen Input into Budget Process

Mayor Nutter talked about the city's fiscal problems with Brenda Jorett on WHYY this morning. Nutter again said that the city plans to announce a revised budget shortfall estimate this week. He also said he wants to change the budget process to include more citizen input.

Here's the exact quote:

"That’s one of the other things that when I make the announcement about our current financial situation, I’ll also be talking much more in depth about the upcoming budget process. It will have a significant amount of citizen participation, opportunities for input, unlike anything that the city government has ever done in the past.We want to make sure that we’re hearing from citizens as much as possible. But also not just hearing from folks and what their concerns and complaints may be, but at the same time, we need more information out there and also I want citizens to have a much better sense of what it takes to balance a budget - what it means to have trade offs - When you have x amount of dollars and then some of that goes away, the kinds of choices that you have to make."

Sounds like more town hall meetings are coming our way. For a full transcript of the conversation got to the It's Our City blog here.