Nutter on DN Story About State Rep. Run-In With Police

Mayor Nutter this morning said he had not read today’s jaw-dropping Daily News story about two cops handcuffing state Rep. Jewell Williams, but was aware of the incident.

“I have not read the story. I have talked to Rep. Williams,” said Nutter, who said he met with Williams and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey the day after the March 28 episode.

Nutter said Williams gave some advice during the meeting and seemed satisfied with the sit-down. Nutter also insisted that the Williams episode was one of a number of “isolated incidents.”

“The overwhelming majority (of police officers) are doing a great job,” he said. “In state Rep. Jewell Williams situation, I think that was a case of judgment out on the street.”

Nutter said that all reports of police misconduct “get complete review and examination.” Ultimately, he said, decisions about punishment lie with the police commissioner.