Nutter in Harrisburg Today, Hoping For Budget Action

Mayor Nutter is spending the day in Harrisburg today, hoping that the state House of Representatives will vote on legislation that would provide budget relief for the city.

To avoid massive cuts and layoffs, Philly needs state lawmakers to approve legislation that would allow the city to raise the sales tax temporarily and to defer some pension payments, moves that are worth $700 million over five years.

But the legislation -- House Bill 1828 -- has stalled amid union protests over pension-reform amendments added to the bill by the state Senate. The state House delayed a vote last week, promising to revise the legislation. Members of the House have been trying to find a way to modify the pension amendments and still get Philly the needed relief. They are expected to vote this afternoon, but those plans could change.

Chris Brennan is covering the action out in Harrisburg and we'll keep you posted as things develop.

Because of the delays in Harrisburg, the city has started moving forward with the "Plan C" doomsday budget, which cuts 3,000 jobs and slashes services. Most of the cuts would take effect Oct. 2, if Harrisburg doesn't act. Today signs are going up at libraries and recreation centers notifying users that the facilities may be closed Oct. 2.