Nutter Welcomes Vice President's Task Force to Philly

Mayor Nutter today said he's looking forward to Vice President Joe Biden's task force on middle class families, which will start work here in Philadelphia on Feb. 27.

"We will be all hands on deck to be as helpful to the effort as possible. Vice President Biden has been a very strong supporter and friend to Philadelphia," Nutter said.

A key focus of the meeting will be green jobs. Nutter said he was pleased by the topic because he thinks Philly is setting a great example in the environmental movement.

"I think we have a great story to tell and certainly we have one of the best sustainability directors anywhere in the UNited States of America in Mark Alan Hughes," Nutter said. "We are a leader nationally in the green movement and we’re actually starting to get inquiries from other cities on what we’re doing. It dovetails perfectly well with some of the things that we’re doing here in Philadelphia."