Nutter Wants Elected Officials to Give Up Cars, DROP

Mayor Nutter is taking on City Council and other elected officials on two fronts -- cars and DROP.

Nutter confirmed that he plans to tomorrow introduce legislation that would disqualify elected officials from entering the Deferred Retirement Option Program, a city program that provides workers with a lump-sum payment upon retirement.

"It appears to me that this kind of program was not designed for elected officials," Nutter said. "The primary purpose of a having program like this is proper management of general workforce."

Nutter stressed that nothing would change for the ten elected officials -- among them Council Members Anna Verna, Marion Tasco and Frank Rizzo -- currently enrolled in DROP. And other eligible officials could still sign up by the end of the year.

Nutter also said he is asking elected officials to give back their city issued cars. Currently 13 of the 17 Council Members have cars, as do some other elected officials.