Nutter Visits Council Members Seeking Budget Deal

You can tell it’s down to the wire on the budget, when the Mayor appears on the fourth floor to talk to Council members.

Mayor Nutter emerged from Councilwoman Janie Blackwell’s office a short time ago and said that the details of a budget deal are still being debated.

“There are a lot of active conversations going on,” said Nutter, who has been lobbying council members to approve a soda tax, which he has named a top priority.

Asked if he would support a budget plan without a soda tax, Nutter said: “I’m not going to parse through the different pieces. I’m not going to make a final comment about a package until there is a final agreement on the package.”

On the benefits of the soda tax, Nutter said “we have a serious public health crisis and we have a serious fiscal crisis.” He noted that a soda tax would help combat both.