Nutter Tells Verna Of Harrisburg Concerns On Wage Tax Increase

Mayor Nutter just wrapped up his weekly visit to City Council President Anna Verna's office on City Hall's fourth floor, fresh from a trip to Harrisburg yesterday to push his plan to close a $1.4 billion gap in the city's five-year financial plan.  Nutter is in a bit of a bind -- he needs the state General Assembly to approve his plans to boost the local sales tax by one cent and to push the city's pension fund payment obligations down the road.  Meanwhile, City Council is flirting with the notion of raising the city's wage tax, which has drawn a negative reaction from Gov. Rendell and the same state legislators Nutter needs on his side.

Nutter said said he heard concerns about the wage tax while meeting with legislative leaders yesterday.  He passed them along to Verna today but described that as only a small part of their discussion. "I did share briefly the comments that we heard in Harrisburg about any effort to raise the wage tax," Nutter said. "But that was not a large part of our conversation today."