Nutter: SugarHouse Runs 'Crying' To Supreme Court

Mayor Nutter responded today to a new legal action by SugarHouse -- read the previous post about it here -- by accusing the project's investors of "mis-characterizing" the situation.  Nutter said SugarHouse's history in the city shows that "every time they don't get what they want or think they're not getting enough attention they go crying to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to try to get relief."

On SugarHouse's key complaint that the city is holding up a permit for the casino's foundation, Nutter said the true delay rests with an archaeological survey being supervised by the state.  SugarHouse is asking for a "special master" appointed by the Supreme Court.

"We may be at a moment where we need a special master just to keep SugarHouse and their attorneys under control," Nutter said. "We are not holding SugarHouse up in no uncertain terms. They are absolutely incorrect."