Nutter Sets Up Tax Task Force

In a speech to the city's business community today, Mayor Nutter announced that he was setting up a new task force to look at the city's tax policies.

"Overhauling Philadephia's tax structure is vital to our competitiveness and economic prosperity," said Nutter, who called the city taxes "onorous, cumbersome and burdensome."

The 15-person group will be charged with reviewing the city taxes, as well as issues like development and regulation, and  providing a report to Nuttter by Sept. 14. Nutter said he had not yet selected the members.

In 2002, Nutter created the Tax Reform Commission, approved by voter referendum, which was given a year and $500,000 to review the city's tax structure and recommend reforms. But Nutter said there was a need for a new group.

"The jurisdiction and resposibility is much broader," he said.