Nutter Sends Plan C to PICA

In advance of the August 31 deadline, the city today gave their Plan C "doomsday" budget to the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority. This is all the same detail we've seen before, when Nutter sent the plan to City Council. The plan would close libraries and recreation centers, lay off 3,000 city workers and reduce trash collection.

But if you'd like to look it over, here's a link to the document.

In the cover letter to PICA, Nutter writes: "These reductions are devestating to the city and I am hopeful that the General Assembly will pass HB1828 without further amendments swiftly to prevent this from happening."

If the state House of Representatives quickly approves House Bill 1828 -- which would allow the city to temporarily raise the sales tax and defer pension payments -- Plan C could be avoided.