Nutter Says Stimulus Money Won't Solve City Budget Gap

If the stimulus package becomes a reality, Philadelphia seems poised to get a cut of the funding for key priorities like schools, transit and housing. But Mayor Nutter stressed tonight that stimulus money will not help him close the $1 billion shortfall in his five year plan.

“These dollars are not to fill budget holes. Everyone has made that very clear,” Nutter said tonight. “The theory here is when more people are working, they’re paying taxes. Then tax revenues will flow and those dollars will come back to Philadelphia.”

Nutter, who spent the day in Washington DC today to meet with lawmakers about the stimulus package, said he was optimistic about Philadelphia’s fate under the stimulus deal, but didn’t yet know exactly what programs will get funding – or by how much.

"There are lot of programs, there are numerous ways to access the dollars. Are we applying the state, are we applying to the federal government," Nutter said. "I am very optimistic that Philadelphia will be a beneficiary of the stimulus package, we just don’t know when or how much."