Nutter: Greene Must Go if Harassment Claims Are True

Mayor Michael Nutter (right) has written a letter to Philadelphia Housing Authority Board chairman and former Mayor John F. Street asking for the dismissal of PHA Executive Director Carl Greene (left) if sexual harassment claims against him are proven true.

Mayor Nutter today sent a letter to the Philadelphia Housing Authority Board chairman John F. Street, saying that if the sexual harassment claims against executive director Carl R. Greene are true, then he should be fired.

"If the reports of sexual harassment of PHA staff, the resulting settlements and Mr. Greene's failure to disclose these actions are accurate, then his employment with PHA must be terminated," Nutter wrote in the letter, which was also sent to the other PHA board members in advance of tomorrow's executive board meeting.

Read a PDF of the letter here.

Nutter also questioned how the former mayor could know nothing of the sexual harassment claims against Greene.

"If media reports are accurate, I am baffled like most Philadelphians to learn of your contention that you as board chairman had no knowledge of the sexual harassment cases brought against Mr. Greene," Nutter wrote. "That the authority's insurance carrier settled cases without Board knowledge is equally disturbing and deserves public explanation as well."

Nutter also asked the board to call for an independent investigation and audit of PHA activities. And he wrote a list of questions he wanted answered, including details on each sexual harassment case, information on the non-profit Tenant Support Services and who is currently running PHA while Greene is out of the office.

Controversy has surrounded PHA since it was revealed that Greene had failed to make his mortgage payments. Greene has also faced several harassment complaints