Nutter Responds to ACLU Suit Over 'Stop and Frisk'

Mayor Nutter this afternoon said he had not yet reviewed a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union which says the city's "stop and frisk" police policy is unconstitutional.

"Used properly and within the bounds of the constitution, this can be a very effective tool," Nutter said of "stop and frisk" policing, which he advocated as a candidate. Nutter stressed that the Supreme Court has upheld the practice.

The ACLU suit was filed on behalf of eight individuals, including state Rep. Jewell Williams, who was detained by police in 2009 after he tried to come to the aid of two elderly constituents. According to the suit, these police "stop and frisk" actions have doubled since 2005 -- with 253,333 in 2009 -- and that victims are largely African-American.

Nutter said that he was not aware that minorities are being penalized. He also said that he does not tolerate any criminal behavior by police and noted that he has put more personnel in the police internal affairs division.