Nutter Praises City Snow Response

Mayor Nutter holds a press conference in front of City Hall. (File photo by Akira Suwa / Staff Photographer )

Mayor Nutter this morning praised the city's response to the massive overnight storm, which has clogged streets, closed schools and shut down most of the city's buses.

"You have to marvel at the work that was done overnight," Nutter said at a morning news conference, noting that the city was slammed with more than a foot of snow -- twice what was expected. "It's a lot of snow, it came down furiously."

A city snow emergency remains in effect today as workers try to dig out. Streets Commissioner Clarena Tolson said about 500 trucks and 700 personnel were currently out fighting the storm. She said about 20 percent of the citys secondary streets and side streets were plowed and efforts were underway to get to all the streets.

SEPTA Spokewoman Jerri Williams said that about ten percent of the city's 120 bus routes were currently running, but that trains, subways and trolleys were still operational, except for the 15 trolley.

Nutter urged people to take trains and use caution walking or driving. He also reminded residents that they must shovel their sidewalks and said inspectors will be out giving $50 tickets this afternoon to those who haven't shoveled a path.

"We will be out and we will be fairly aggressive about it," Nutter said.