Nutter: 'Plan C is Terminated'

"Everyone should stop eveything they were doing related to Plan C," Mayor Nutter said. (Clem Murray / Staff Photographer)

Mayor Nutter just officially terminated the Plan C “doomsday” budget via conference call with Managing Director Camille Barnett and top city officials. That means no layoff notices, no library closures or reduced trash collection.

""Everyone should stop eveything they were doing related to Plan C," Nutter said. "That is over and done with."

After the state Senate passed the city’s budget relief legislation, Nutter headed straight to state Rep. Dwight Evans office to call his staff. Chris Brennan, reports Nutter got choked up during the call.

"This really is a new day in Philadelphia," Nutter said, referring to his campaign motto.

By phone from Philadelphia, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey offered thanks.

"I don't even want to think about what would have happened," Ramsey said. "You saved the day."

"Plan C" was Nutter's fallback budget if the state did not pass budget relief. The included layoffs of 3,000 city workers, closing all libraries and recreation centers and reducing trash collection. Those cuts were to be finalized Oct. 2 without state action.

Nutter told reporters that he had a meeting with his staff on Monday to update them on the bill's progress, and considered at the meeting that some of the staffers would be laid off.

“The magnitude of it is astounding," Nutter said. "These are not just names on a piece of paper. These are not just numbers of a docket.”