Nutter Officials Announce Cuts to Police and Rec, But Libraries Get a Pass

The Nutter administration just announced the final details of the 2010-11 budget plan, which includes more cuts to city services.

Mayor Nutter announced $20 million in cuts after Council rejected his soda tax proposal in May. And a few weeks after that, the city said they were looking to cut an additional 2 to 4 percent from departments. Those additional cuts total $27 million, adding up to a $47 million in cuts overall.

Some highlights of the cuts:

  • $6.3 million will be cut from the police department through overtime reduction.
  • Instead of closing two fire companies as originally announced, the city will cut the fire overtime by $3.6 million. This means that there will be "rolling closures" of about four companies each day.
  • Only ten workers will receive pink slips, from the Office of Supportive Housing. 
  • $1 million will be cut from the Community College payment, $1.8 million from Parks and Recreation and $1.1 million from the Cultural Fund.
  • And the libraries got some good news. The announced $2.5 million cut to the library system has been restored using the excess funds from the successful tax amnesty program.

To see the full budget and Finance Director Rob Dubow's letter on the details for the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, click here.

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