Nutter: No Price Tag yet for Winter Storms

Another storm, another set of bills.

Recalling how last year’s blizzards helped put a hole in the city’s budget, we asked Mayor Nutter during a press conference today how much this winter’s snowfall has cost him. Nutter said he didn’t know.

“I have no idea what the different storms have cost,” Nutter said. “The finance department does not determine how much equipment or personnel go out.”

The historic storms that blanketed the city last winter ultimately cost about $18 million, according to the mayor’s press office. Those funds go to overtime for city workers, as well as paying for contractors and salt. The city – which does not budget money for snow -- last month received $1.8 million in federal aid to help defray the cost.

Still, Nutter said he expected this year will likely be cheaper than last year.

“So far our gross total is fairly well below what it was last winter,” Nutter said.