Nutter Lends Support to BRT Reform

Mayor Nutter says he is supportive of the legislation to reform the Board of Revision of Taxes introduced today by City Council.

“The legislation today that was introduced clearly addresses the principles I laid out on Tuesday,” Nutter said, adding that he hoped for swift passage of the bill.

Nutter said he supports the broad strokes of the bill, which would eliminate the BRT by 2011 and splits their  responsibilities between a new Office of Property Assessment and a Board of Property Assessment Appeals. But he said he remains concerned about the BRT employees who are on the School District payroll.

That longstanding arrangement means that those workers can avoid rules that govern city workers, like a ban on political activity and the requirement to live in the city. Green’s bill does not specifically address the workers on the school payroll.

“I will ask our city solicitor to give me a legal opinion on the employment status of BRT workers on the school district payroll,” Nutter said. “Every one working at the BRT should do so in conformance with the Home Rule Charter.”