Nutter Hopes For Resolution in Harrisburg

Mayor Nutter just said that he has spoken with one of state Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi's top aides and he has high hopes that the state Senate will take action sometime next week to give the city's budget relief legislation final approval.

"We need them to vote quickly and put this matter to rest, put the bill on the Governor's desk, have the governor sign it and we can get back to governing the city in the way that best suits Philadelphia," Nutter said after thanking members of the state House of Representatives for their votes. He added that there should be no more amendments to the legislation, prompting a laughing state Rep. Dwight Evans to cup his hands around his mouth and shout: "Please!"

Nutter also said the "general view" is that the potential budget deal will make it easier for House Bill 1828 to pass the Senate. "We need this bill taken up as quickly as possible without any other further amendments or delays," he said.